A Satisfied Customer

Here’s an email I got today which I’d like to share with everyone.  We may not see him again here, but hopefully not lost to gliding …..

 Firstly I would like to say thanks for the warm welcome at the club the other week when I came on a chance of being able to fly. To have 5 short flights during the week I was in the area was great. I wanted to ‘have a go’ and certainly did and enjoyed every minute of it. To get a grip of the controls and learn about how the stick and rudder pedals actually work together was great. Thanks to all at the club and please pass on my thanks to Amy and Mike who took me up, they made me feel at home in the aircraft and gave me excellent tuition. As I was on holiday in the area, it is difficult for me to return on a regular basis but will certainly drop by again when I can. The experience has certainly whetted my appetite and I am looking to visit Bowland Club in the next few weeks as the closest club to where I live and give it another go. I will complete your survey and check out you FB page. Thanks again and hope to see you when next in the area. Regards.


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