Darlton Powers Up!

Until recently, the lack of mains electricity at DGC has comprimised many aspects to the club’s saftety, security and ameneties.

That changed however on Saturday 30th Septemeber when, after nearly two years since the first application was made to Sport England, Mike Brown flicked the switch and mains electricity became a reality at DGC.

The switch on ceremony, witnessed by Alison Randle (BGA Development Officer) and a group of DGC members, was the culmination of a project that has seen a lot of time and hard work given freely by club members and a grant from Sport England.

The new mains power supply will enable improved training facilities, and access to the Internet would will release significant additional training resources.

The addition of a proposed flight simulator will offer valuable opportunities for teaching, training, entertainment and participation on non-flying days of inclement weather, and improved welfare facilities such as lighting, heating, shower, and food storage will be a huge benefit to all members.

The club would like to extend its gratitude to all those who have contributed their time to ensuring the success of this project: Pete Storey, Roger and Julie Starling, Steve Payne, Ron Vickers, Ian Burgin, Dave Bowns, Robert Tatlow, John Maddison, Chris Gadsby, everybody else that I have not named here (please accept my apologies), and of course, Mike Brown without whom the project would not have succeeded.