All year round Darlton Gliding Club offers a range of gliding experiences:

  • Trial Lesson Flights for those wanting to taste the sensation of soaring flight, and
  • Mini-Courses for those who seek a little more challenge, taking the first steps to understand and control the glider.

And if that’s still not enough, or you are bitten by the gliding bug after trying one of the options above, consider joining the club and benefiting from regular free instruction provided by our cadre of qualified instructors. New members can also choose a fixed price to solo package.

Flying takes place on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00am….weather permitting!

We can also arrange Friday Evening Flying Events for organised groups in the summer months.

Who can Fly?

There are surprisingly few restrictions on who can enjoy gliding. Generally, if you are fit enough to drive a car, you are fit enough to fly.

Disabilities need not prevent someone from taking a trial lesson, and age is no handicap (just watch the Never Too Old video on the right).

Safety considerations and aircraft loading limitations do, however, mean that small children or people over 6 feet 3 inches (192 cm) may not be able to fly. Maximum weight is 16 st (102 kg).

Want Further Information?

If you have any questions about suitability, email If you  don’t hear back within 2 days, contact Andrew Barton on 07887 726509 or Simon Lile on 07970 834398 (please do not text)

Alternatively, visit the club at a weekend (check our calendar to find out when we’re flying) to get advice.  

Further Information

Check out the following links: What to Expect (Videos) Airfield Safety Weather Restrictions


Gliding Videos

Experience Gliding at Darlton
Experience Gliding Flying at the (then) recently merged Darlton Gliding Club  
Darlton Gliding Club
Never Too Old TV news clip of one recent Trial Flight at Darlton