Pocklington 2016 - Day 2

Pocklington TSC – Day 2

This just in from David Carter, our man on the ground (or maybe up in the air!) at Pocklington.

Suitably woken up by the local town crier, the briefing commenced.


First task is a cheeky 180+km in a northerly direction with a 35kt WSW at 4500 feet (like anyone’s getting that high!). Lower winds are not as bad and cu is forming but pretty broken up and the forecast for soaring isn’t great.




Since I’ve never flown out of Pocklington I have volunteered myself and Richard to be first in the air. We won’t be launching until after 12:00 and we’re in the 5th row of the grid today so maybe not in the air until a while after that.


I will keep you posted!

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Pocklington 2016 - Day 2Pocklington 2016 - Day 2Pocklington 2016 - Day 2

Pocklington 2016 - Day 1

Pocklington TSC – Day 1

David Carter, our man on the ground at Pocklington has just sent us this report:

I thought I might try a blog of events at Pocklington  – there’s a few of us here now, it’s like little Darlton with 18 booked in for dinner in the pub tonight.
Tents are all but up and caravans sorted, we’ve had a bacon sandwich (thanks Theresa), the glider towed nicely and was rigged as soon as we arrived and is now under covers.
There’s a few spots of rain but nothing torrential so fingers crossed for a great week of weather and flying.
Registration at 6:00 tonight, so time to kick back for a lazy afternoon.