£30 per person imageWhy not organise a Friday evening of fun for friends, family or workmates at the Darlton Gliding Club (minimum 8 people flying)

Experience the thrill of a winch launch and the exhilaration of then silently gliding through the air like a bird – perhaps even with the company of a soaring bird of prey!

Look down on the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire countryside from 1000+ feet on a summer evening and spot the landmarks in adjoining counties.

Take the opportunity to fly and control the glider under the direction of a qualified British Gliding Association (BGA) instructor should you wish.

The club can provide a Group Flying Experience for prearranged parties on Friday evenings. Group flying normally starts from 6:00 pm but it is possible to start earlier.

For each member of your party the flight will consist of a winch launch followed by soaring time in the air. The winch accelerates the glider to around 60 mph in just a few seconds and it then rapidly climbs to a height of more than 1,000 feet. After releasing from the winch cable, the glider is free to fly above the local countryside.

Booking Procedure

If you are interested in booking a Friday night flying event, check our flying calendar make a provisional check for available Fridays.

Once you have a date in mind, please email to confirm dates or request further information. Alternatively you can call Andrew Barton on 07887 726509 or Simon Lile on 07970 834398 (please do not text).

Our Information Pack (ZIP file) contains posters and leaflets to explain, publicise and help you arrange your planned evening.


Further Information

Check out the following links: What to Expect (Videos) Airfield Safety Weather Restrictions


Gliding Videos

Experience Gliding at Darlton
Experience Gliding Flying at the (then) recently merged Darlton Gliding Club  
Darlton Gliding Club
Never Too Old TV news clip of one recent Trial Flight at Darlton