We want you, and visitors coming with you, to get the most out of your day, so here is some simple advice to help achieve that.


Because it is an open space, exposed to winds, an airfield can always feel that bit chillier. On the other hand you may get lots of sun (if there’s any around) so sun-block and sunglasses can be useful. Getting into the glider is a little like stepping over into a deep bath; although we can help the infirm.

Ladies, whilst flying you will need to wear a parachute which fastens between the legs, we therefore suggest wearing shorts or trousers.


Remember, an airfield is just that – a field – so sensible flat shoes are best (no high heels please).


You are welcome to take a camera with you on your flight, but it must be secured to you by a wrist or neck strap. This is to prevent it being dropped in the cockpit, where it could interfere with the controls.

Airfield Safety

When you are at the airfield, some hazards may be obvious to you – others may not! These include gliders coming in to land silently and rapidly from unexpected directions, the steel cables that are laid on the ground and then used to winch-launch the gliders, and vehicles moving around the airfield.

  • Follow carefully any instructions given by a club member
  • Keep to the extreme edges of the field, never walk into the middle
  • Due to the nature of the site, Children must be closely supervised at all times
  • Please do not bring dogs onto the airfield without prior permission from the club
  • Keep well clear of any cables

Arrival at the Airfield

Please park near the club house – a club member will usually be nearby to guide you to the Launch Point. If launching is taking place from the far end of the field, we will arrange transport to get you to the Launch Point.

At the Launch Point

The Launch Point can be a busy area and will be under control of the Duty Pilot (wearing an orange fluorescent jacket).

  • Please keep to the coned-off area unless you, or your guests, are told it’s safe to approach the gliders.
  • Signalling lights on the front of the launch bus are used to control the winch – please ensure your guests do not stand forward of the bus, or obscure the signal lights.
  • Keep well clear of the winch cables/chutes at all times.

The Most Important Bit?

Be safe, and enjoy your gliding experience!


Further Information

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